2019 Diary

22nd May

I got to the Jerwood gallery in Hastings. Saw some old favourites on show and a new roomful of lovely Quentin Blake characters: Dedicated Readers. https://www.quentinblake.com/exhibitions/quentin-blake-dedicated-readers   Marvellous.


It’s May and I have just managed to resume visits to London after a long time.

I had to see the Bonnard show at Tate Modern and, of the short videos on Google in response to searching for  ‘Bonnard at Tate Modern’, I think this has the best colour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3adUn9kcjo

Many of the images I know from books and I was glad to see some of the self-portraits again which I last saw at Tate Britain maybe in the 1990s. There weren’t many pictures in gouache this time which I seem to recall were particularly vivid.

While I have been ‘confined’ I followed two online short courses: a printing course with Linda Germain using a gelatin plate for which I used my Gelli plate. Here are a few of my tasks:

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and a composition course with Anita Lehmann