Our given themes this time are:

1.  Using the colours of the season you are experiencing at the moment….what does spring or fall mean to you?
2.  Recycle something as many ways as you can think of and use the ideas in an ATC.  For instance, right now I am looking at the plastic that holds 24 bottles of water together. What can I do with that packaging? I can photograph it. I can cut out the plastic and lay it over something and photograph it. I can include pieces of the plastic in my ATC. I can photograph it from many angles and use something from the photo in my ATC. Get the idea?

I had the ‘bright’ ideas of using eggshell: I would break it up and fix it following the kintsugi method with gold, or I would make little portraits on an eggshell and frame them with broken eggshell painted with gold… But it all got far too complicated and I just made daft portraits on an empty eggshell, photographed them, cut them out and stuck them on bits of the protective box covering the eggs. Pretty dull really!