ATC Group – June 2013

June theme: Idioms

ATC – these are Artists’ Trading Cards and measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

I decided to choose idioms containing a colour name and, as some of the group’s members do not use UK English, I included definitions with the cards I sent. Here they are:

A red-letter day A lucky day; a day to be recalled with delight.
A whited sepulchre A hypocrite, especially one who conceals wickedness under a cloak of virtue.
Green fingers Said of a successful gardener.

The blue-eyed boy The favourite, one highly thought of and shown preference.
To be in his black books Out of favour, in disgrace.
To look through rose-coloured glasses/spectacles To take an unduly favourable view of things which the circumstances do not warrant; to be overoptimistic.

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