2022 Diary

October Spent a pleasant hour going round the Winslow Homer exhibition at the National Gallery. Although it said a few times in the guide that he didn’t like to explain his work, this didn’t seem to stop others doing so! I hadn’t realised how political (apparently) was the intent behind many images. Good to see some of the watercolours I only know from book illustrations alongside oils.

September Course run by Lewis Noble called ‘Painting, collage and how to express yourself’. Rather too much overlap with the course I did previously and he failed again to comment on all posts of students’ work in spite of undertaking to do so. Bit annoyed by this.

August and trying to keep up with two courses unsuccessfully! The latest assignment of Find Your Joy looks at different contrasts. Here are my efforts for saturated/desaturated, hot/cold, tonal and mark-making.

Got to the Towner in Eastbourne to see Cruising the Collection. Some interesting paintings and an irritating way of showing the labels to the side of pictures hung vertically so the label for the top picture actually seemed to go with the bottom one making me feel I couldn’t find the expected content! Just me I expect.

Now it’s July and I’ve visited London for the first time in months to see what’s on offer at Tate Britain. The Procession is fascinating though I felt I needed an audio guide! Cornelia Parker‘s work was completely intriguing – such incredible ideas and such a breadth of imaginative use of objects. And the presentation was so much part and parcel of the work.

And for assignment 6 of Find Your Joy I have made some initial wild marks on a large sheet and then made small portions ‘more interesting’. It is worrying that no one else seems to be posting a similar response to the instructions…

Course-work: I decided to take the full Find Your Joy course with Louise Fletcher. At assignment 5 already and this is one of my set looking at contrasts:


May already! I have been active but just not got round to entering things here. There have been some good courses and some not so appealing. Exhibitions are on and some are sounding great and I haven’t got to them, and others have been visited and enjoyed. At the Towner in Eastbourne I visited the exhibition of Eileen Mayo who was a force to be reckoned with in so many areas of painting. Bringing to light revealed some of the collection – always an interesting sort of show. At Hastings Contemporary a fascinating array of huge one-off screen prints made from tiny drawings (not shown) included beautiful calligraphy and the Seafaring exhibition is far-reaching and includes a huge variety. The coffee’s good, the views from the gallery are fine, it’s a lovely building – looking forward to my next visit.

Course-work: From a course on Procreate with Lewis Rossignol a portrait I added to. Really good course!

Portrait with additions

Carla Sonheim’s 2022 course introduces different artists for each month. Here is a series I did in March of different dog walkers:

Course-work: From the free taster for Find Your Joy – a study in colours I don’t normally like which did have more impact than the realistic colours!

my only iris!