ATC Group – August 2015

ATC = Artist Trading Cards. They measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

August theme: Something about your country (or yourself)

a group of 6 ATCs by Catherine Redmayne

Like so many things in life, the execution of the idea proved a bit disappointing! I had in mind that we are an island people and I would do my set of cards in a group, surrounded by ‘sea’. So I show the whole – painted with the blank cards stuck together – and then the individual cards.

This summer our news has been full of the stories of economic migrants from Africa who speak English and therefore travel across Europe from the countries where they make landfall to Calais where they attempt to use the tunnel crossing to reach England.

Would that there could be peace in the African countries, help to make life more rewarding financially there, and a great home-going:

  • for all the people currently finding money from somewhere to pay exploitative people-smugglers to get them as far as the Mediterranean; and also
  • for those living in huge overcrowded camps in safer countries than their own to escape war and the threat of war.


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