2018 Diary

Sadly my art excursions finished in August owing to illness but I hope to be fit to start my outings again in 2019. Feel deprived at present.

August 2018

Pallant House to see their new exhibitions. Plenty to see in the Virginia Woolf inspired rooms. Loved the coloured light in Gwen John’s A Corner of the Artist’s Room in Paris, the transparency of the several paintings by Winifred Nicholson and the impact of Eileen Agar’s work. Quotes beside some paintings from works by Virginia Woolf cleverly demonstrated the ‘pictorial’ quality of her writing. The cases of letters between artists, dealers, etc. were interesting and it was possible to read some of them (for once!) as copies were used so light levels could be adequate, and early on a Friday there were few people waiting to see the exhibits.

July 2018

A good day’s worth! First to the National Portrait Gallery to see the BP Portrait Award exhibition. Some beautiful painting but I find entries which could be a photograph disturbing – I like there to be a difference in media appearance. Then to the National Gallery to see a wonderful roomful of children’s art. Called Take one picture  there were so many lovely entries and proof that art lives in some of our schools at least. Great captions told how different curriculum subjects had been discussed alongside Pintoricchio’s Penelope with the Suitors: World War II, myths and legends, archaeological finds, geography and routes, crafts – and more. It was hard to choose a favourite but a huge panel of small but brightly coloured portrait paintings was delightful. Sadly it isn’t in the slideshow but you can see some of the other entries chosen for exhibition.

I wound up at Bankside to catch Richard Sorrell’s one-man exhibition. Some appealing and amusing exhibits in paint, ink and wire. See some of the work here. Considering it was a very hot day, I felt pleased I had included everything on the list!

Had I paid to see this, I would not have been thrilled! Luckily my membership card makes it seem free, plus I had the joy of a new roomful of Quentin Blake’s delicious drawings!

June 2018

Exhibition at the Towner in Eastbourne: Edward Stott  – some of the paintings quite dark but luminous, many called to mind Scottish paintings of girls with cabbage fields etc.

May 2018

Some tasks from 365 – these are the last of these I shall post as I ‘deserted’:

Did some iPad sketches at the Rodin sculptures exhibition at the British Museum.

Enjoyed a visit to see an old friend’s latest exhibition called Exotica. Lovely colours and lines on clean backgrounds. Skilful placement of cut elements.

Back to the Picasso 1932 to see the ink drawings which were spectacular. There seems to be no particular Tate link to them available but see one of the exhibits here.

A few more of the tasks from 365:

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Exhibition visits:

To the new exhibition at the Jerwood: Paul Feiler 100 Years which was varied and fascinating. Also admired the new hang of the gallery’s artwork – the beautiful Craigie Aitchison has gone for now but I could recognise the style of John Bellany and Alfred Cohen from across the room. Both longterm favourites.

Also to see a friend’s work at ArtsForum Hastings.

The Monets on show at the National Gallery. See the short video on the site for some idea of what’s on offer. Although billed as being about his skills with composition, some of the pictures seemed (to me!) to be quite awkwardly composed. Interesting though.

April 2018

More work on tasks from the current 365 course:

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En route to somewhere else visited the British Library to have a look at African Scribes: Manuscript Culture of Ethiopia – such marvellous writing. And to the Wellcome Collection to catch the Ayurvedic Man: Encounters with Indian Medicine and gasped at the fine gouache paintings included in the show.

Back to Tate Modern to have a quick visit to Picasso 1932  – wow, that man worked. And exhibits of so many skills and mediums.

Caught up with the RWS show – good selection!

Also visited Tate Modern to have an initial look at the Modigliani. Very crowded and plenty to see. Enjoyed the VR ‘visit’ to his last studio. Unbelievable technology… amazing. See the video. Hard to do any sketching but managed a few lines on my iPad.

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March 2018 : and I’m trying to keep up with 365 in spite of the seasonal weather. The ice and snow meant I couldn’t go to the Preview of the Contemporary Watercolour exhibition at Bankside RWS to see my picture on show (sob).

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(PS I placed my collage creatures on a Waitrose magazine page to photograph them just for fun.)

February 2018 : some more tasks

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Had another look at the latest Quentin Blake drawings at the Jerwood in Hastings. And took in the new POP! show at Pallant House, Chichester – good to see several examples by each artist. Plus I enjoyed the other new exhibition there of Leonard Rosoman paintings. Both oils and acrylics were delightful.

January 2018 : here are a few of the first tasks