Not waving

A weird sea picture with references to Gauguin and Stevie Smith
Not waving

I love this gloomy piece which evolved under my eyes. My visual memory was jerked by the beginnings of the hunched up figure and I found the image I recalled in a book about Gauguin (hero!) with a photo of a Peruvian mummy. I have always loved the poem by Stevie Smith  – hence the title.

Maybe all the horrifying stories of drownings in the Mediterranean influenced me as well. We can never know all the subconscious themes.

Image 10×8 inches (25.5×20 cm).

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Love looking at art. Love messing with colour.

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  1. Wonderful! I love to imagine the players in the piece. What is their life like? What struggles have played out in blink of time that is their life? Very nice piece! I love Gauguin as well. We had a retrospective of his work here a few years ago.

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