Left leaning town


After the recent elections in the UK this title is not actually meant to indicate political leanings but the general slant of many items in the picture! The full image can be seen here.

Mini forest

Mini forest

An array of green scraps of texture and colour prompted this picture after I saw a news article about exciting tiny forests in urban areas. There is an interesting Ted talk on the subject online – a 100 years of growth in 10, in small areas. The idea came from Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist.

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Landscape with allotments

Allotments come in all sorts of sizes and states of tidiness! There are ancient gardeners who can grow anything in tidy rows with no visible weeds, crazy plots where chickens grub up plants inside huge homemade wire cages, and the sadly neglected plots where, among the docks, nettles and couch grass, raspberries and blackberries struggle to see the light. (The currants have been gobbled up by pigeons and the lettuce by rabbits!)

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