We live in the blue house

a quirky landscape by Catherine Redmayne featuring a blue house
We live in the blue house

Well, actually, we never lived in a blue house. But my neighbour has recently painted his fences and BBQ shelter in this shade of blue – and it looks very nice. So maybe a repainting job on my side of the fence is needed… Though it is easier to see and admire on the next door property and save the effort!

Image measures approx. 8 x 10 inches (20×25 cm).

Modelling umbrellas

Modelling umbrellas © Catherine Redmayne
Modelling umbrellas
© Catherine Redmayne

Hmm. An ink drawing collaged onto decorated papers. Sadly the paper turned out to be very delicate and one of her legs fell off in the process – poor lady! But I like the picture anyway. Image 8×10.5 inches (20×27 cm).