Venetian blinds

life model striped by sunlight
Sun through the blinds

Is she an artist’s model? Or just a woman enjoying the warmth falling on her through the blinds which provide seclusion?

A mixed media piece with collage, contour drawing and distortion!

Image 8×10 inches (20×25.5 cm).

Last post of the year – wish it was warm enough to sit around in the nude!

Happy New Year.

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Love looking at art. Love messing with colour.

3 thoughts on “Venetian blinds”

  1. A great picture and an interesting insight into the mind of Catherine, ha ha !! Happy New Year – was in bed by 9pm last night!
    xxx  Jane Gray

  2. Wishful thinking? I like not knowing whether the strips were there first or after the image. The world weather seems to be cold, except for here in California. Glad it will rain here tomorrow. We need it.

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