The procession

mixed media painting by Catherine Redmayne
The procession

Can two be a procession? You have to imagine the rest! I just fell in love with the tiny figure on the right who appeared out of nowhere.

This is one of my pictures for the Tunbridge Wells International Art Fair 24-26 June 2016 (to be shown there by Redleaf Gallery).

The image is 8×10 inches (20×25 cms) approx. and is a mixed media painting.

Sweet sugar dumpling

A leaping joyous fat lady
So I’m fat – I don’t care!

One of a recent series of figures outlined with heavy black. I love the way the bright colours look like traditional stained glass. I remember dancing to this song way back… Didn’t want to offend with the real title!

Image 8×10 inches (20×25.5 cm)

Spring Flood

Spring Flood
© Catherine Redmayne

A painting I’m fond of and have on the screen of one of my ancient laptops. Various children have asked if I painted it and how I did it. Well, you just get some very absorbent paper, drop colours on it, wait for it to dry, drop more colour and repeat! Then, if you haven’t made a hole or got it a horrible colour, you think of a name. Image size 7.5 inches square approximately.